World now needs average humane people with sanity and real heart to repair the human existence..

Fear holds us back to express ourselves fully. Each one of us has an immense potential to be fulfilled. It’s just fear of so many things which keeps us in its grip as a prisoner.

I agree and value this thought that none of us have preordained destiny.Everyone can become the true manifestation of his/her immense potential.

I wish common man could also understand this truth about our existence. Common man is so focussed in making ends meet and engrossed completely into 9-5 slavery. This was not supposed to be the reality of human existence.

There has to be thousands and thousands of people focused on bringing solace into this world. World needs repair not fast paced destruction in the name of economic growth.

We need to remove hypocrisy from our lives completely which we learn right from our childhood. Concern can not be superficial. It has to reflect in everything.

Please CONSUME only that much which is needed for you to have a comfortable life. Be wealthy, create wealth for generations to come, for our nation, But please be mindful in your consumption as it affects every life on planet, whether buying clothes, cars, house, plenty of products we use, even our eating habits, pl be mindful in everything.

World! Run/spin slow, first heal your people and give them strength again to live

Our obsession with EXTRAORDINARY, OUTSTANDING, EXCEPTIONAL, RARE, BEST has brought world to this level of insanity where the common man has been scrambling for a life of just basic resources.

Too much competition is perpetuated in this world. And for what? Ask this to people struggling to survive on this beautiful planet despite so much food and resources.

Greed has taken humans to such shameful levels of indifference, that it doesnt bother if more than half of human population is spending their precious life in bonded labour of scarcity, false hope,  long died ambitions and painful poverty.

Let’s work on making this world right again than rather be concerned with false notion of progress and growth. Very strong words from me just to wake up or influence the real human in each one of us to make the right choice in smallest of things.