Suggest a heading – Trying to structure my thoughts around some interesting topics

Let me start with “I”.

I am a humble human being, someone too polite to say No to people on the face, someone too naïve to become an entrepreneur (at least as per my mentor/well wishers).

I am a common man who is trying to come out of series of setbacks , trying to undo my mistakes, move away from path of mediocrity to resourcefulness, learning resilience on the way, getting perspective on the most important aspects of life. Professionally I have spent 16 years 3 months experiencing nuances of corporate life mostly in Dubai. Last 5 months I have been on a forced sabbatical. I was/am in love with Dubai (or so I thought), but somewhere along the way to becoming 40 I realized that I am more in love with eradicating any sort of helplessness (not only poverty & pain) from this world … to start with my world.

I see a world where a lot of people (youngsters & experienced alike) would need good amount of hand holding due to this turmoil. It could be learning new skills, unlearning old way & beliefs, in need of motivation and inspiration, direction and at times a small nudge. People will have to learn to define their value & skill sets and embed those into specific niche jobs/assignments and finally lay it out to the world. The practice of being engaged into low value task/jobs would be redundant as these tasks are going to be assigned to machines/Programs/AI.

One of my revered mentor & a yogi advised me to look within and try to reinvent myself after identifying my core skills. More & more people are engaged into very generalized job profiles with very least or insignificant skillset. I also thought that what if I also possess a very generalized skill set or am still trying to figure out what is my skill even after spending 1 1/2 decade in Wealth Management industry.

My mentor enlightened. ” You are good in articulating your thoughts. You are good in speaking the right content at the right time and in the language your audience understands and relate to.” Up until now I had been thinking that I am not a good orator as I don’t speak much in gatherings until unless I have something significant to offer/add value to in the discussion. I generally keep my thoughts to myself.

My mentor spoke further. “You need to find places, opportunities (monetary or otherwise) where this ability/niche can be put to use or exploited.”

I explain very well to individuals/group something without any inhibition when I have added my thoughts to a concept/theory/fact in concern. I find myself very effective in awakening people who are still sleeping (metaphorically) and can very well be swatted by the harsh reality of this fast changing world. It comes naturally to me to nudge youngster so that they don’t fall into the pit, so that they do not follow zombie herd. Setbacks and failures have instilled in me some sort of resilience which has somehow blessed me with a discerning mind resulting which I am choosing to engage or not engage in so many areas which would seem very logical for a third person to advise me to.

I am still very cautious as i haven’t established the positive outcomes of my real skills & thoughts. But I do see myself effortlessly preventing a lot of people making similar mistakes following an unyielding path. I need not be a full time coach to do that. Anyone & everyone should keep their eyes & ears open and provide helping hand/support/guidance/training to people in need. We have to inculcate a habit of knowledge/skill/experience sharing among us.

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