Motivation / Endorsements AND Life coaches/Motivation speakers.

hare what you feel might help others. Adopt “VERIFY FIRST”, when it comes to any celebrity/influencer ENDORSEMENTS, economic pundits/economists/policy think-tanks/Analysts/specialists/Subject Matter Experts/BESTSELLING Authors VIEWPOINTS & OPINIONS.

You can look for inspiration and motivation in a every common man, in life around you.

Do not think much. Act! Negative thinking keeps you in a prison created by mind. It robs you of your true potential. It brings Fear. Fear of future, fear of unknow, fear of missing out/getting left behind everyone. Its all drama created by your mind. Its not real, just like your emotions. Emotions are highly overrated. We dwell too much on them, indulge too much in them. Real life is outside your mind & thoughts

You don’t need a life coach or a motivational speaker to tell you how to live life.

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