My Journal which I thought I might never publish.

Kapil Bhatnagar

Posted on , Feb 17, 2019 · 1 min read

Random Thoughts !

There are lot of distractions and we have limited time in a day.

Learn to limit distractions. Don’t look at unnecessary messages, news bits, videos. Be very focused. Spend your time (energy) on what is taking you towards fulfillment of your true potential.

Focus on what makes you happy, what you aspire, what you dream and desire. And then be at it. Enjoy, relax, have fun but always stay focused.

Most important….

Stay silent… stay with yourself for at least 5 minutes everyday. It could be even while taking a break from work during office hours. Try not to smoke. You will feel the difference. Not smoking and drinking less keeps you active, alert and you will feel more energetic.

Somehow try to get into the best of the best places in your industry or in your interest domain and look for help from anyone, known unknown both.

It is painful to see yourself reach much lower than your true potential at a later stage in life. See that you don’t have many regrets at least on those lines.

Money is not everything but slightly less than everything.

Work on your desires because they are among few things in life that bring fire and purpose in you.

Desire for anything and everything… money, fame, luxury, comfort, safety, security, adventure, travel, opulence, social help and so on…

Forget what the norms, school, culture, parents, elders taught and imbibe in us. Know that you change everyday, every moment. So do not hold on to anything. Majority of beliefs are prison created by your mind.

You won’t get any knowledge from this post. This is my humble attempt at reaching out to like-minded people.

It is very difficult to figure out how to ask for help. So learn this art at a very early age. It will help you quite a lot all along your journey.

I have learnt this fact from the struggles i had that one should always keep on helping people in need and reduce any sort of friction in their professional or personal life.

What is the difference between showing you a mirror and casting doubt on your ability? Ask this to people who are a negative influence in your life, who try to belittle you and are never an enabler in your growth. Spend less time with them if possible. Eliminate negative energies around you.

Silver lining in dark clouds

2 Replies to “My Journal which I thought I might never publish.”

    1. Dear Ranjan, thank you for taking keen interest in this blog and coming up with your thoughts on the same. I dont write much, atleast not in a a disciplined manner. These were emotional outbursts in different times. Hope to write more creatively with profound thoughts in a structured manner. Please keep sharing you feedback. Love to have comments on my posts. 🙏


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