Be more Human, Inspire people and empower

Everything a person needs to reach his/her real potential is always within. But these 4 words can bring miracle in anyone’s life. They make us so powerful from within that we never stop believing in ourselves and never stop chasing our dreams.


There must be enough food on this planet. No one should be hungry. Nations should focus on agriculture once again. We should pivot towards making an ecosystem where every student, graduate, professional, researcher & policymaker is focused on enhancing our agricultural capabilities. Lets halt on assembly line production of s/w developers ( Coders), Stock brokers and investment bankers.

Excessive mindless consumption is hurting this planet and humanity. We will have to revisit the concept of economic activity.

A new ailment is engulfing humanity during this pandemic – Mental disorders (depression). The best cure is to focus on doing something significant in life, something much bigger than yourself. It is not the time to become volcano of problems, rather become solver of crisis humanity is facing.

Notion of leadership needs to change. People who assimilate easily with others, are inclusive. They listen & observe more than speaking and pushing their own ideas. They should be groomed & identified as #future #leaders.

I have always told my friends that “please do not be rigid about using social media platforms. There are no set of rules. The more authentic you are, the more acceptable you are. The more real you are, the more you relate to real people.”

People are interested in knowing what you have to offer in terms of your thoughts, knowledge, skills and ideas. If we want a real change in our society, our country and this world then this is the starting point (Online). Internet connected world with social media platforms garner attention from some of the most influential people and institutions on this planet.

a profound thought

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